On this page, you will find all our favorite casino slots, also referred to as video slots. These are one of the very most (if not the most) popular types of games you can play at casinos today. Physical slot machines of various kinds have existed for a long time and continue to be played a lot in the casinos, bars, and similar locations. However, it’s only recently that these games have exploded in popularity, and this is a result of the many great online game developers and casinos online.


In conjunction with technology and gambling knowledge, the advancement and development of those online slots are exponential lately. Specific themes and designs, superb 3D graphics, cinematic intros, exceptional attributes, bonus rounds with Free Spins and much more are now nearly considered normal in lately published video slots. It’s simple to realize that these kinds of games are indeed tremendously popular in online casinos now.

Slots are really enjoyable to play! Especially since the past few years once the standard of the games has been radically improved. Today there are plenty of popular game developers working around the clock to make better matches all the time. Developments in the slot are therefore faster than ever and all slot providers deliver new versions and attributes of its own video slots always. As a result of this, we examine the games as you can see above. Click any of the thumbnail images for the whole review page, where you can discover more about the special game. There you may also have the ability to determine which casino to play the specific slot machine at, and you may go directly to the online casino and keep a superb welcome bonus. We’ll continuously review a growing number of slots, so check back here soon for more games.

Video Slots in Online Casinos

What is really interesting about the film slots is the higher development rate it is facing. Every year we meet new sports providers bringing something new to the table. At the exact same time has to the older, bigger, developers challenge themselves. Just a few years back, a few programmers were dominating the marketplace. Which led to not competition basically. New, smaller businesses are now showing what they can do with animations, sound effects and much more. Very intriguing and also the future will be exciting for sure.

Why has all this happened now then? Well, to start with, the total interest in online casinos has grown a lot over the last couple of years. This enormous target group of customers makes the whole business grow, and in addition to the programmers of casino games. Nowadays we see new casinos available on the market each week, which also is a sign of the expanding business. More casinos, more gamers — of course more matches! And the casinos have an enormous challenge getting players to stay as well, why utilizing an enormous game range from several developers might help a lot. This is how you as a player will get in contact with suppliers like Yggdrasil, Thunderkick, ELK Studios and far more.

Technical Advancements in Continuous Movement

Another reason why video slots 2019 are growing so much is technical progress. The internet speed, of course, being one of the chief reasons. We could, even in the cell phone, download a massive chunk of information in minutes, seconds. Without even being connected to wifi. With this speed, the developers don’t really have to think that much about keeping up the games small anymore. Sure, this is still a factor, but not as much as it had been. Cool animations, movies, and sound effects can now be integrated into the games with no problems. This is most likely why movie collaborations have grown a great deal too.

Slots + Movies = True

Yes, 1 thing that we’ve experienced the bliss to encounter are the collaborations between gambling software suppliers and film studios. 1 match that really took us to a different level gaming was Batman — The Dark Knight. This progressive jackpot slot, by Microgaming, shows a superb example of these collaborations. Cool animations from the movies, sound effects in addition to the characters speaking in the game. The Christian Bale edition of Batman was a real big hit, and of course, Heath Ledgers take on The Joker. Of course, this movie had to become a slot game for online casinos also. And you now have the choice to acquire millions while seeing awesome sequences in the movies on the reels!

Music Gets Bigger in Slot Games Also

Much like movies, music cooperation with slot games within the online casino market has also increased a lot for the past few years. Primarily, we believe the NetEnt Rocks series that premiered in 2016. This terrific investment and partnership between some of the greatest musicians and the game developer became a large hit. Guns ‘n Roses, Motörhead and Jimi Hendrix all got their very own official slot matches. And all were exceptionally powerful, although the Guns’n Roses slot has become the major attraction for all those players. In these games, you have the opportunity to select one of the hit songs from the artist while playing. Bonus features consist of various free spins offers and much more — all neatly attached to the specific artist.

Slots vid Jackpots

It is difficult to mention video slots, without mention its big brother — jackpots! Jackpot slots are a significant attraction for many players. Not strange, since this can make you a millionaire in a matter of moments. Some of the jackpots, like The Dark Knight (mentioned previously), Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah, are innovative. It follows that they have a constantly increasing price sum from each of the bets players before you have made. From time to time, the big jackpot win will happen, and if you are lucky enough you will get to win one of the greatest prizes amounts won.