Canadians love their casinos. With over 56,000 slot machines and 2,000 table games spread Around 200 legally-operating physical casinos, the Canadian gambling scene is very vibrant and exceptionally rewarding due to its operators (total gambling sector turnover in Canada is over CAD 13m annual).


Stats from 2009 reveal the average bet per Canadian adult was CAD $500 yearly, which does not include winning. There are 135,000 people utilized in this mega-industry, which is just increasing with time.

Although the main focus of this site is online casinos like Canadians, we believed it would be of aid to cover a number of the very popular gambling destinations such as Canucks.

Casinos by state:

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    • Ontario
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Quebec
    • Saskatchewan
Online Poker in Canada

Poker, and notably Texas Holdem, appeared in popularity around precisely the exact same period as it did in the USA. The trend began with Chris Moneymaker winning the 2003 WSOP Main Event, and it had been geared at online gambling which burst. Together with the 2006 UIEGA law producing online gambling illegal in the States along with also the Pokerstars/Full Tilt domain listed in 2011, a growing number of fulltime gamblers have transferred to Canada, realizing it’s quite friendly from the legal perspective.

Canadian Gambling Addiction

A variety of the world’s most famous researches regarding gambling addiction has been done in Canada. A paper released by suggests that more than 3% of Canadians have a severe gambling addiction, whereas over 2% of teenagers between the ages of 15 to 24 moderately wager. Saskatchewan and Manitoba would be the most gambling-oriented nations using a bigger proportion of gambling adults along with a bigger proportion of enthusiasts. It is extremely important to bet responsibly and you’ll be able to find out how to do so together with our manual.